Luis Arrioja

I am a senior Biology/ Chemistry undergraduate student attending California State University, San Marcos. As a co-founder of the Inland Empire website, my goal is to provide information and resources regarding changes to lifestyle choices which may have an impact on an individual’s health both physically and mentally. As a result, individuals can seek to change their lifestyle in order to reduce the risks of getting diseases and reduce the risks of cancer by adapting to different healthy lifestyle changes to gain a better quality of life.

Christiana yip

I am a Master of Public Health graduate student at George Washington University studying epidemiology. I obtained a B.S. in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Public Health from San Diego State University (May 2018). As I further my studies, my goal is to contribute to medical research to further the advancements in preventative care regarding chronic diseases.

Sonya Choe

I am a fourth-year Pre-Med, Biology student from San Diego State University. As one of the co-founders of Inland Empire, my goal is to promote and spread awareness about the changes that can be made in life to reduce the risks of cancer to the communities that are underrepresented and underserved. Not only do I want to be a physician, but I also want to be a leader in the community. As I provide medical care as a future physician, I will address the lack of public awareness and access to health education and resources.